BCANDS is proud to be the recipient of the:

  • 2018 Doctors of BC - Excellence in Health Promotion Provincial Award; 
  • 2018 Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health's - Champion of Mental Health National Award;
  • 2016 - Canadian Medical Association's - Excellence in Health Promotion National Award;
  • 2015 - March of Dimes Canada's - Judge George Fergusion National Award
  • 2014 - Social Planning and Research Council of BC - Provincial Deryck Thomson Award
  • 2013 Canadian Mental Health Association - BC Region's - Provincial Dr. Nancy Hall Public Policy Leadership 
  • 2013 Doctors of BC's - Excellence in Health Promotion Provincial Award

Delegate Page

            BCANDS 2019 Gathering Delegate                           Information and Registration


Welcome to the 2019 Gathering - Delegate Registration Page

On this page you will find relevant information about registering for the BCANDS 2019 Gathering and the link below that will take you the on-line Delegate registration form.

BCANDS 2019 Gathering - Delegate Registration Fees

             Registration for 2019 Gathering                                                   Cost to Register

             Gathering Deligate (single registration)                                                    $480.00


* Please note: BCANDS will attempt to keep the Delegate registration costs as low as we are able while ensuring our costs and expenses related to the 2019 Gathering are covered.  

As a not-for profit Society we unfortunately do not have the resources to provide free or discounted individual or group Delegate registrations.   

Thank you for your understanding


Once your registration and payment are received, as a 2019 Gathering Delegate you will:

- Receive a 2019 Gathering registration package at the event;   

- Have access to all Gathering sessions;

- Have access to meal and refreshment breaks provided, including daily breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks;

- Have access to Vendor informational tables;

- Be able to attend the Thursday evening Mix and Mingle networking opportunity.


To register as a Delegate for the BCANDS 2019 Gathering, please click on the image below

Registration is for one Delegate only. 

Want to keep up-to-date on all the Gathering happenings? Follow the Gathering on Twitter (click the icon below)


*Please note: All Delegates are solely responsible for all expenses incurred that are not included under their registration fees.

  Delegate expenses not covered under the Gathering registration fees include, but are not limited to:

– Travel to and from the 2019 Gathering, including costs for public transportation and vehicle rentals;

– Hotel rooms and incidentals;

- Internet at Conference Centre

– Meals and refreshments not included the 2019 Gathering registration fees;

– All other expenses.


* Gathering Delegates are solely responsible for all personal belongings and valuables. The British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society (BCANDS) is not responsible for replacing lost, misplaced, stolen, or damaged belongings and valuables for any person, organization or their agents while in attendance at the 2019 Gathering. 


                        To help ensure that an enjoyable event if had by all, we would request that fragrances, perfumes,                 colognes etc. not be worn during the 2019 Gathering.

Thank you for your understanding!



gathering2019@bcands.bc.ca       (250) 381 - 7303     /     Toll Free: 1 888-815-5511